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Training Courses 

1 Visit - 

Consultation $80

This one hour visit is required before signing up for training courses or any services provided through Indy K9 Services. We get to meet the dog in his/her environment to see true behavior, see the issues firsthand, discuss our methods of training, go over questions, paperwork, sign up for courses, etc.

1 Day Visit $150

This is a one hour session that will cover behavioral issues and/or your specific training needs if an entire training course is not needed. 

4 Visits - 

Basic Obedience $475

$200 deposit required 1st  session

This is for you and your dog to bond and learn all the basic commands that will help you in real life situations - such as sit, down, stay, leave it, loose leash walk, wait at the door, come when called ,(etc.) This is a private course made for your dog's specific needs and goals! 

Trick/Sports $475

 The trick training course that will teach your dog cool and amazing tricks that will make your mouth drop! Got a high drive energetic dog? Dog sports would be a perfect match for your pooch! 

3 Visits - 

Fearful $380

This course is best for dogs that are fearful towards new surroundings, people, dogs, sounds (etc.) We approach every case different, as every dog is different. Build communication and confidence with your dog!

Reactive $380

This course is for the dogs that overreact to such things as dogs, strangers, cats (etc.) You will learn the tools to control/manage your dog. You will learn commands and drills to grow your communication for reactions! This course is private to your dog's needs for the issues your are having!

Puppy $380

In this course learn about potty training, basic obeidience training, socialization, and much more! A one-on-one course for your puppy's needs and your goals!

Intermediate $380

This course follows the basic course. We are going to make things a little more difficult. We are going to be adding distractions, asking for behaviors longer, learning more advance behaviors, (ect.) 

Advanced $380

This course is took after both basic and intermediate are completed. We are going to step it up and see the full potentional of you and your 4 legged friend. What we cover in this class depends on what things we excelled at in the first 2 courses and what we struggled at. 

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Your dog will work towards a certificate or diploma in all the courses listed below:

In-home dog training delivers more than what is expected! You and your dog will experience one-on-one private training. A course is planned to your dog's specific needs! 

5 days with trainer -



Your dog boards with the trainer for 5 days minimum. There will be atleast 3 documented sessions a day!


-Puppy $130 a day

-Basic $130 a day

-Trick $130 a day

-Frisbee Training $130 a day


This is a great route of training for busier households if your dog meets the critera for our boarding & training program!


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