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Vacation Services

While your on vacation, we keep your four-legged friend comfortable!

Dog sitting at our house: Your dog joins our family for their staycation! They get constant one on one time with us! From belly rubs in the family room, playing fetch in the fenced in yard, and tug of war in our 30ft long dog play room! They get to play with our personal dogs & possible other boarders! We only board 2-4 dogs at once to keep our home setting calm!


All dogs- $50.00 a day     


Vacation Services at your house: will do up to 3x day  

(great for dogs with anxiety and older dogs)

We make sure your dogs have food/water , medications, let out in yard to potty/play, go for a walk, water flowers, lock up the house , and even get mail.

30 minute visit- $30.00

45 minute visit- $35.00

1 hour visit- $40.00


Bath- $10.00

Nail Trimming- $15.00

Ear Cleaning- $10.00

Brushing- $10.00



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