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Meet Trainer: Chandler Curtis

       Working with dogs has always been a huge part of my life. In 2001, I started to volunteer at Indianapolis Animal Control. This is where I met well known dog trainer,  Warren Pattitz. I started to assist classes with Warren & my mother, which was the start of my dog training career and my passion. I have rehabilitated many reactive and fearful dogs after coming out of terrible situations. We started a canine rescue the same year I started assisting classes. This gave me the opportunity to work and save over 400+ dogs. In 2006, I adopted a energetic cattle dog mix , Loco, who was is a huge factor in the dog trainer I am today. I learned to get high drive dogs on a job such as dog sports like frisbee or nosework. This led me into a world of amazing trick training, dog sports, and the all around the positive reinforcment methods I use. 


  • 2x junior world champion 

  • youngest ever to qualify for worlds Skyhoundz

  • competed and done trick dog shows from Maine to California 

  • competed in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge and was aired on ESPN

  • Trick dog show at the Indianapolis Zoo

  • Pet Smart Dog Trainer 1 year

  • 1 year as Head Trainer and Manager at a well known local dog day care and training center where I taught the following classes (beginner, intermediate, advance, agility, fly-ball, frisbee, trick, fearful, reactive, nose work, clicker classes) 

  • Established Indy K9 Services with my partner in 2015

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Meet Trainer: Emily Smith

    In 2013, I was introduced to positive reinforcement training and dog sports by 2 world champions in the sport of disc dogs! I had certainly found my calling, and I needed a dog. I rescued a high drive Staffordshire Bull Terrior and named him Blaze. He was very over reactive and fearful towards new people, dogs, and all around out of control. I put all my energy in Blaze with a lot of positive training and socialization. Blaze is now the logo of my business, and is a great inspiration for me to always want to help change my clients and their dog's lives. 

     In 2015, my partner & I, opened Indy K9 Services! I spent a couple of years assisting dog training classes. Fast forward to today, I have been teaching private training sessions for over 2 years and have worked with many different breeds. Obedience, reactive, fearful, tricks, nose work, and sports training are some of the work that I get to execute daily with clients.

     The dog training and dog sport world has also led me into performing in dog shows. I have got to travel the US showing off both of my dogs in frisbee, agility, and their tricks! I also am a AKC CGC Evaluator.  In just my 5 years of being introduced to dog training and putting in a lot of dedication, I can say that I am very proud of what I am accomplishing. I thrive to learn more everyday.

In-home Dog Training 

In-home training to keep your pooch comfortable. We use positive reinforcement training offered by the best local dog trainers in Indy.


Going out of town and you don't want to kennel your dog? We have you covered.



​  Busy with work or other activites? Our dog walking service will be perfect for you..
Responsible Trained Dog Walkers 
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